We are the team of professionals who perform kitchen, bath or basement renovations according to your personal project.

Our major activities are renovating basements, kitchens and bathrooms at reasonable prices. Trusting such works to us our clients have convinced in their quality and fast performing. We provide high-quality construction and renovation services as well as give maximum guarantee for our services. Depending on the project we perform our interior design, wall insulation and finishing.

Our advantages:

  • Quality and efficiency. We provide preparing and performing works as soon as possible.
  • Years of experience. We are in the renovation services market for many years and have an excellent reputation and hundreds of the grateful customers.
  • Individual approach. We approach responsibly to perform each order and find the best options for the task as well as advise customers in order to meet all their individual needs.
  • Highly qualified specialists. We are the team of professionals and perform our work efficiently and reliably. Our employees keep their skills always according to the up to date requirements.
  • Customers positive reviews. We have a lot of positive feedback from the customers. You can see this in the "Reviews" chapter and watch our work in the "Gallery" section.

Basement renovation.

Basement in a private house more often perceived as a technical room: storeroom for garden tools or a cellar to store the harvest. Meanwhile, the basement is easy can turn into a full room to organize here, for example, a vinotheque, bar, home theater or billiard room. The kitchen in the basement is also becoming a very popular modern solution. Construction and repair of the basement or ground floor, of course, will transform your home by adding not only the living space, but also personality.

The following work can be done during the basement renovation.

Waterproofing. This is necessary if the moisture on the room walls revealed.

Heating. If the room is designed for staying long (kitchen, library, bathroom), it should  be warm enough in any case.

Thermal insulation. This feature will save on heating and prevent heat loss into the ground and it will greatly enhance the energy efficiency of the whole building.

Lighting. If the basement has a small level above the soil it can be equipped with energy-saving windows. Additional electric light point sources using LED lamps will be created as well.

Soundproofing will be installed if the basement room contains the equpment generates big noise (e.g. waterpumps etc.).

Water supply and sewerage. These works are performed accordingly to the local water company. An additional pumps can be installed if necessary.

Networks for the power supply, LAN or television can be laid, so it will provide you the maximum comfort.

Kitchen renovation.

The kitchen is one of the most visited places in your house. That is why it is so important that this room should be cozy and functional. We will do for you all kinds of our works for any areas of the rooms, from small to large ones. These will be following:

1. Replacing the wires.

2. Aligning the surfaces of the ceiling and walls.

3. Laying the floor and wall tiles.

4. Floor, ceiling and general kitchen equipment installation.

5. Kitchen windows replacement.

6. Home appliances integration.

We always use safe and easy to wash materials.

Bathrooms renovation.

We are trying to renovate the bathroom as soon as possible because we well know  this room is essentially the most important thing in your home. This type of repair involves the following:

1. Initial preparing the room, dismounting the wires, old tiles and plumbing communications.

2. Installation of new wiring, plumbing pipes, risers.

3. Preparing the walls, floor and ceiling.

4. Installation the new door and windows.

5. Installing the tiles on the floor and walls.

6. Installation of the new ceiling and lighting.

7. Installation of new connections to the water supply and sanitation.

8. Installation of all sanitary equipment and electric wash machine if needed.

We work at any time convenient for you. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Our Skill diagram

Our current works completion stage:

  • Current basement renovation completed 88%
  • Current bathrooms renovation completed 82%
  • Current kithcen renovation completed 90%

Our services

We offer and guarantee the following high quality services

Basement renovation.

Basement renovation.

Basement renovation.

Basement renovation.

You will not recognize your previous basement! You will have got the amazing and comfortable new rooms in your house!

Bathrooms renovation

Bathrooms renovation

Bathrooms renovation

Bathrooms renovation

Your bathroom will be restored quickly, efficiently using modern waterproof materials. You will feel comfortable in it.

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation

Kitchen renovation

We will have a new kitchen for you according an individual project. We use safe, easy to wash materials.

Our Portfolio

Please be visually informed on some examples of our work!

Quickly and efficently!

I turned to them through ads. I really liked the results of repair. They worked quickly and efficiently.

Gregor L., Toronto

Basement second life.

Our basement received a second embodiment. It's just unbelievable! All they understood me perfectly, everything what I want.

Nicolas S., Brampton

This was professional work!

Thank you for accuracy, clarity in the work. All repair processes have done qualitatively, competently and professionally. Many staff gave us good advices, we took advantage of the ones.

Maria L., Toronto

Amazing team.

We don't even expect to meet such a responsible, honest and nice people. Me and my wife were satisfied as to all the work, there was no fault to anything, and all the works have been completed in time and at the highest level guarantee.

Antony C., Toronto

Professional approach.

We turned to service from these guys twice. First, we have restored our bathroom. Recently we renovated the kitchen. We are pleasantly surprised by the quality and professional approach, we noticed all the little things, e.g. such as the choice of tiles and sanitary ware. Exciting!

Barbara T., Oakville

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